Item Identification and Asset Tracking

Camcode sells durable barcode labels and other identification technologies to help organizations manage their assets and comply with item-unique tracking requirements.  In addition, Camcode provides software and services to help our customers implement and manage asset tracking programs.

Solving Your Challenges

Application-Specific Engineering & Design

Camcode can help you select the right label material and attachment method for your operating environment(s) and structure your data correctly for your scanners and software application.

Dedicated Customer Service

Our knowledgeable representatives will answer your questions, recommend products based on your requirements, and ensure your order is processed accurately and shipped on time, every time.

Data Management

Camcode can manage your data over the lifetime of your asset management program. Beyond simply eliminating duplicates, we can own the data origination, storage and quality assurance function for you.

Installation & Reconciliation Services

Our installation services team can document the proper identification requirements for each of your asset types, correctly label your items and deliver a clean data file of all newly identified assets.

Specified by Over 100 Industrial & Military Organizations

Camcode’s materials have been specified and trusted for over 40 years by most major industrial and military organizations including Boeing, Airbus, Caterpillar, Great Dane, Honeywell, BF Goodrich, NASA, General Dynamics, Safran and the United States Navy, Army and Air Force because of their durability and image resolution.

Application Stories

Discover why ConEdison relies on Camcode to provide asset tags that deliver fast, accurate data on thousands of their assets.

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The Camcode Approach

Implementing or improving an asset tracking program can be daunting. Seemingly simple things, such as picking the right labels, scanners, data structure and software, can spiral into overly complex, expensive capital expenditures. Camcode’s 40 years of experience allows us to cut through the layers of unnecessary spending and missteps to help our customers build value-creating asset management programs quickly and easily. Here is our approach.



Asset Identification

Determine the right label material for your application based on operating environment, graphic requirements, attachment, scan distance, budget, etc.

Bar Code Scanner Selection-full

Scanner Selection

Procuring the right scanner hardware is based on distance from the scanner to your labels, label size/reflectivity, mobility requirements (tethered vs. mobile) and interface/display requirements.

Asset Management Software Selection

Software Selection

To pick the right software applications, consider the functions you want to perform as well as the analytics you want to track. Consider if you require connection with external systems and/or data quality assurance/control features to prevent duplicate data or unauthorized access?

Label Installation and Data Capture

Installation & Data Capture

Camcode will help you translate your application (operating environment, graphic requirements, attachment suraces, etc.) into one or more label designs that will last the life of your assets, at the lowest cost possible.

Asset Management

Asset Management & Analysis

Setting up a dashboard or series of key asset performance metrics will enable you to decrease time-to-value on your investment. Typical metrics are number of assets by owner, location or status as well as identification of assets that are consistently under repair or checked out that may require extra maintenance. Enable your users to temporarily check out an asset, conduct an audit or pull data for financial or insurance reporting. 

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