Asset Tags and Asset Labels – Foil, Metalphoto®, & Polyester Bar Code Tags

Asset Tags & Labels For Property Identification Tracking

  1. Asset Tags Frequently Asked Questions
  2. Asset Tags Materials & Asset Label Uses
  3. Durability of Property ID Tags
  4. Property Benefits from ID Tagging
  5. Property Management & Asset Tracking
  6. Wear & Permanence in Asset Tags
  7. Asset Tag ID Custom Elements & Variables
  8. Determining Best Asset Label Sizes
  9. Placement & Positioning of Barcode Stickers
  10. Proper Adhesive Choices For Your Tags
  11. Surface Preparation & Label Application
  12. Computerized Maintenance Management
  13. Planning of Asset Tags Application
  14. Which Assets Need Property ID Tags?
  15. What To Say on Asset Tags – Captions
  16. Recommended Asset Tag Elements
  17. Sequential Numbering or Bar Codes?
  18. Color Coding vs. Barcode Stickers Asset Tags
  19. Asset Labels & Tags Glossary of Terms Pg. 1
  20. Asset Labels & Tags Glossary of Terms Pg. 2

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